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Conoce tu yo sagrado para abordar positivamente tus dificultades cotidianas.

Te encuentras atenazado en los límites de tu realidad inmediata; aceptas las presiones, los ajetreos de esta como si fueran lo natural, la única vida posible.

Pero existe otra realidad, una realidad más plena y dichosa a la que puedes acceder… simplemente despertando tu otro yo. Reconocer y aceptar la guía de ese yo sagrado te permitirá situarte por encima de las dificultades cotidianas, no para desdeñarlas, sino más bien para abordarlas en sus justas proporciones; además, te permitirá irradiar esa recuperada lucidez, de modo que podrás transmitirla a otros.


The bestselling author of Your Erroneous Zones, Pulling Your Own Strings, and Wisdom of the Ages combines psychological insights and guidelines for achieving spiritual fulfillment to present a three-step program designed to help readers look inside themselves to find a new sense of self-awareness and spiritual joy.


Developing the sacred self, Wayne Dyer explains, brings an understanding of our place in the world and a sense of satisfaction in ourselves and others. In 
Your Sacred Self, Dyer offers a program that helps listeners establish a spiritually-oriented, rather than an ego-oriented, approach to life. Step by step, Dyer shows us how to progress from emotional awareness to psychological insight to spiritual alternatives in order to change our experience of life from the need to acquire to a sense of abundance; from a sense of one’s self as sinful and inferior to a sense of one’s self as divine; from a need to achieve and acquire to an awareness that detachment and letting go bring freedom.

Your Sacred Self is an inspiring, hopeful, illuminating guide that can help everyone live a happier, richer, more meaningful life.


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