The Intentional Marriage: How a marriage...


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“Without intention, we find ourselves being tossed from one crisis to another without any plan to correct our course…Love is a choice and so our greatest joy comes from intentionally loving another person. The misconception is that when we bring two people together under the umbrella of marriage, it becomes a beautiful thing all by itself. There is no such thing as an auto pilot for a relationship. The truth is: two people, from two different backgrounds, with baggage from other relationships or from dysfunctional families, are suddenly faced with life together under the same roof. Sounds a little scarier than the fairy tale picture of most wedding plans.”Dennis and Susan have walked this journey through the difficult years and have seen the benefit of being intentional in their own marriage.”This book was born out of our own personal journey and has been “field tested” in our own relationship. Most of the material in this book has been presented in our “Intentional Marriage” seminars. This is a very practical approach to living out a committed and loving relationship. It’s about being more than haphazard in our every interaction. It’s about choosing to be intentional.

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