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The Environmentalists’ Perfect Paradise is only possible by the Construction of “GLORIOUS Swanky Hotels Castles and Fortresses!” (Beautiful Planned City States for WISE Intelligent Well-Educated People with Common Sense and Good Understanding!) By The Worldwide People’s Revolution!® Book 019B: beCause they are “The Right Design for Living!” (A List of 5,000 Advantages for Building Beautiful Planned City States!) By The Worldwide People’s Revolution!® Book 012B. Such Planned City States have ZERO Great Disadvantages, which makes them Unique among Manmade Things: beCause nothing else on this Good Earth has 5,000 Advantages, and NO Disadvantages! For Example, a Well-running Car has several Advantages ― such as Convenient Transportation from Home to wherever; but, they also have several Great Disadvantages ― such as being able to Kill you, Pollute the Environment, and leave People in Hospitals for Decades. Car Bombs are quite Popular among Terrorists, while Swanky Fortresses provide Guaranteed Security for Jews, Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Atheists, and whomever gets to Live within them, which no City of Confusion provides for anyone. We just Hope and Pray that we will Survive and Prosper in this Evil Economic System, while Swanky Fortresses Guarantee True Prosperity for everyone who Lives within them, even if the Stock Market Crashes! Learn how that you can become Moderately Rich, just by your Labors, alone, and with only an average of 4 Hours of Common Skilled Labor per Workday. This New Economic System will End ALL Forms of Slavery, Worldwide. “VOTE for The GOAT!” (The New Political Party that has Guaranteed Solutions for our Massive Problems!) By The Worldwide People’s Revolution!® Book 109.

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