The Courts of Heaven: How to Combat the ...



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The Definitive Guide to the Courts of Heaven

Each day the Devil’s advocates accuse countless sinners in the Courts of Heaven. If you are one of those accused, you need to know how to defend yourself properly. Too many believers fail to appear in the courts when summoned or fail to defend themselves and they suffer the consequences because of it – be it in the form of ‘bad luck’, severe setbacks, or harsh choices in their lives.

In this book you will discover the three domains of heavenly justice; you will learn about the procedures used in the courts of heaven; you will study how you can know you’ve been called to stand trial; and you will master the prayers designed for the courts.

Great effort and time have been spent researching and writing this book so that believers all around the world may finally learn the secrets of the courts.

For a limited time only, this book is offered at the extremely discounted price of $3.99 to help spread the word of Christ. Act now and buy it for yourself or gift it to a friend in need.

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