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Average age is 120 years

how is that possible? How do they stay healthy? What are their secrets?

Let us know these secrets

And how scientists were able to study the dietary habits of these trafter extensive studies and research, we found that eating habits and the area in which people live have a relationship to longevity and long happy life,

Hunza tribes do not know diseases or aging.

Cancer does not know women who give birth at the age of 60 and breed men in the 1990s as if they were from another planet


Which were found to be similar to those of people living in blue areas

In this book, we will know the secret of their long lives and what they eat and drink

Life Expectancy

The HONZA rate is 120 years

There are no chemicals or additives in their diet.

It is very common for a Hunzas woman to have children after the age of 60.

It may seem shocking to you, but Hunzas can be ready.

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