Puzzle of Shards: Book Two of The Blue Z...



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Vince’s life is ending with a whimper. He has lost everything that held meaning. The final stage is set after he escapes the clutches of the evil Dr Kotovitch. Vince is framed for murder and chooses to flee into the wilderness to spend his final days alone.

Meanwhile, within his dream world dwell a small group of characters who share a solid, but supernatural bond. His mind surely plays tricks on him as their stories and input offer plausible explanations to the recent tumultuous events.

Via the portal, a mystical illuminated disk, it seems the boundaries between life, dreams, and death are being breached. Case in point: A member of the group, a terminally ill young woman named Lina Ahlquist, welcomes and befriends a still-suspicious Vince, compelling him to consider the existence of an impossible, yet whole new world. Evidently he is not alone in his plight.

Out of nowhere enter three intrepid crusaders who procure Vince’s exact location, and are already familiar with him. As twists and turns ensue, more of the unbelievable truth unfolds. The history of the portal is absolutely mind-blowing. Its existence and function become the center of attention. And instead of simply expiring, Vince is now willing to risk his life for an undeniably uncertain cause.

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