Paralyzed in Paradise



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This is the riveting and inspirational true story of Heather Grossman, made a quadriplegic by her ex-husband who hired hit men to murder her—but who miraculously survived and battled back for justice, and who has become a vibrant national voice for victims of domestic violence.

Written in her own unique voice, with remarkable clarity and recall of events, people and detail, Heather Grossman’s harrowing memoir, PARALYZED IN PARADISE, is a testament to the power of the human will and spirit unlike anything else you will ever read. It is funny, shocking, horrible, compelling, inspiring, and.hard to put down. Now living a happy and productive life with her family—her parents and her children— Heather has been a tireless speaker and consultant on domestic violence issues and a mentor and resource for many who suffer with catastrophic spinal injuries. She has produced a book of truth, real-life horror, and redemptive faith.

The national news media has covered the dramatic incident of her near murder at the behest of a former husband: including an episode of CBS’s 48 Hours/Mystery: The Puppet Master and the Oprah Winfrey Network’s The Devil You Know: Evil in First Class. Focusing to a great degree on the aftermath of the brutal incident and the ex-husband’s attempt to escape justice, the popular documentaries did not fully portray the intimate details of Heather’s early and later experiences through two marriages and a life that was so nearly cut off when she was still a young woman with such a bright future ahead of her.

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