Looking Back at Elyria: A Midwest City a...


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Revisit your Elyria youth with your very own time-travel guide. Author Marci Rich combines journalism, historical research, and memoir to look back at midcentury Elyria.

Brimming with postwar optimism and prosperity, mid-twentieth-century Elyria seemed like Camelot and was, indeed, a brief passage on a beloved president’s campaign trail. You could visit the bears at Cascade Park and play on the slides. See a movie at the Capitol Theatre and enjoy a cherry Coke at the Paradise. Run an errand for Mom at Hales Market and then walk up to the old Reefy mansion to check out a book at the library. Shop at Merthe’s and Harry’s Men’s Wear, then admire the groovy clothes at New Horizons East. Based on her award-winning articles for the Chronicle-Telegram, author Marci Rich brings you back to Elyria.

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