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In the original ‘Gathering The Dreamcatchers’ novel of this companion book series, Amelia escapes from her father who has custody to begin a challenging, exciting new life in San Francisco LIVING IN SECRET with her mother and her mother’s girlfriend under new identities. But returned to her father’s home, once she is almost 14 this plucky heroine Publishers Weekly deemed “courageous” realizes it’s time to take matters into her own hands. Her dad is a criminal after all, and criminals are supposed to be in jail. In the thought-provoking sequel ESOTERICA, Amelia is determined to make a legal place for herself with her chosen family in California despite what the courts originally said. The third book of this trilogy, PARADISE FOUND, picks up when Amelia is almost an adult and the battles for justice are finally over. Now, at last, she can create a life of her own…and perhaps a whole new way to live too? After all, she’s not a kid anymore and her friend Gabrielle is doing all kinds of interesting things up north at an apple farm with other people who want to explore things like sovereignty, friendship, living in community, sexuality…and love. (Stay tuned for this novel series’ grand finale, ‘Living In Light…’ due out 2020!)

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