Living in Paradise



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“The title Living in Paradise can be disarming. Beware, paradise can cost you more than money.”

This book is a guide for foreigners or non-nationals desiring to move and live in another country. This book gives examples of some of the pitfalls that a foreigner may encounter. The main areas of concerns are loving, living, building, and buying in that country of choice. They must remember that they are guests in that country and that they should act and behave as such.

One should be familiar with the laws regarding ownership of property, buying or leasing of land, and ownership of constructed homes, apartments and condominiums. Customs and traditions should always be honored and respected.

Another critical area is in creating and maintaining love or romantic relationships; most often there is a wide discrepancy in the ages of the participants. Being in love is a great feeling, just be aware of the laws regarding land ownership, and construction of homes, and other properties like automobiles.

The geographic location a person chooses to live can be considered paradise, but you don’t have to go through hell to get to heaven.

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