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Caught in the act by a jealous boyfriend, Marc, a Detroit detective, winds up in the hospital with a gunshot wound in his rear and a butt load of trouble. He is fired from his job, locked out of his house and faces divorce. With no future in Detroit, Marc relocates to Venice, a small town on the Florida Gulf Coast where he purchases a double wide mobile home in Paradise Gardens, an adult community mobile home park. He soon discovers that he truly is in Paradise when he is unknowingly enlisted into a private sex club with some of the younger residents in the park. With his new surroundings, a new part time job, and a new group of loving friends, life could not be any better for Marc. But then life takes a turn for the worse when a female club member disappears under mysterious circumstances. Marc revives his old detective instincts and following the trail of clues he solves the disappearance, looses a friend and barely survives and encounter with a school of hungry sharks.

Living in Paradise Gardens is an amusing insight into what life is like living in an ‘Adults Only’ mobile home park in Florida. Privacy is impossible, and obeying the multitude of senseless rules and regulations is a full time job. Evading the prying eyes of nosey neighbors and avoiding being the subject of community gossip is an impossibility. Cards, bingo and complaining give the gray haired busy body residents a reason to get out of bed. Adjusting to living in Paradise is a challenge.

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