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Become a better architect!

With this book, you will learn many tips, tricks and techniques used by architects all over the world.

Architecture is awfully chaotic. There are thousands of sources of information and hundreds of approaches on how to design. This book is neither a guide nor a comprehensive source of data. It is the essence of architecture as I see it. Messy, disorganized collection. Shards of wisdom collected over the years. From books, colleagues, teachers, lectures and famous architects.

I found out that often, it takes a whole lecture to introduce one concept. Or that a book has two hundred pages to explain four core ideas. Famous architects also often repeat one trick over and over. Therefore, I took the notes I collected over the course of my career and summed up the most interesting ideas into short and clear tips.

They are laid there, one after the other. Each tip accompanied by an illustration which is at least tangentially connected to the tip itself. Illustrations have many different styles since I am unable to stick with one and I get bored easily. To further emphasize this, I invited some of my dear friends to help me and illustrate some of the tips.

This book is great for all people interested in architecture and the world of architects. Whether you are an experienced professional, architecture student or architecture enthusiast, you will discover interesting viewpoints and opinions you can reflect upon.

On 214 pages, you will find:

    Tips on architectural design, composition, sketching, Over 100 illustrations to reinforce the ideas Additional resources to explore.

Dive into the book to become a better, well-rounded architect.

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