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“Just Another Day in Paradise, A History of Kwajalein, Marshall Islands,” describes in great detail the phenomenon of one of the most interesting islands in the world: Kwajalein. The 92 small islands on the reef that fringes the lagoon lie only a few feet above sea level at high tide. Kwajalein is part of the world’s largest atoll and was the first Japanese territory wrested from Japan in World War II. For the last 50-plus years the landscape has been dominated by state-of-the-art radar suites used to track missiles and shoot them down. After the successful capture of Kwajalein and the other islands on the atoll by the 7th Infantry Division and the 4th Marine Division in 1944, the conditions on the ground were awful. Virtually all the Japanese buildings were reduced to piles of rubble and had to be cleared away for new construction. This is where Just Another Day in Paradise begins. There have been many books and articles written about the capture of Kwajalein and many more about the radar and missile testing that has gone on there since the early 1960s. What has been lacking is a thorough presentation of the living conditions on the island. These include the airport, harbor, barracks, quarters, schools, newspapers, recreation. These and other subjects are dealt with in detail in text and photos in this well-appointed book. Over 750 black & white photos are included in the 298 pages of the book. Many of the photos are from private collections and have not been seen by the public before. Also included are over 50 maps, charts and other illustrations. Just Another Day in Paradise will appeal to current and former Kwajalein residents and their families, and anyone who is curious about how the island has been developed. No one person could have been exposed to all the changes that have occurred so, this book lays out what was built, what it was used for and when it was renovated, repurposed or demolished.

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