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I’ll Hold You in Heaven: Remembrance Book by author Debbie Heydrick is a Christian nonfiction book that helps women process through the grief of having a miscarriage or experiencing the death of a child. In I’ll Hold You in Heaven, Debbie helps readers journey through the grief of losing their baby to reach a place of freedom and healing. Readers experiencing life after miscarriage who are wondering how they should be grieving after miscarriage will be encouraged and uplifted by Debbie’s words. I’ll Hold You in Heaven shows readers that they are not alone in their experience of grief after miscarriage, stillbirth, early infant death, and SIDS. Debbie Heydrick gives a voice to a wide variety of women who have experienced the loss of a child. Debbie Heydrick points women who have miscarried to turn to Jesus for comfort, peace, and joy in the midst of their pain, grief, and mourning.

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