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Aloha from Oahu. If you have ever thought of traveling to this tropical paradise and didn’t think you could afford it, then you want to read this book. If you have been to Hawaii, and wondered about returning and living here or possibly staying long term, then you want to read this book. It tells you how to be money smart in getting and staying here. It includes scripts on how to talk with real estate agents and other people who rent out rooms and vacation rentals. It tells you how to save money on food and other items. It gives you tips to be a wise traveler. The information you learn may very well be the information you need to make a Hawaiian vacation a reality. This book gives a little information about the main islands visited, but the focus is mostly on the island of Oahu, which receives the most visits. I invite you to buy the book, read it, and plan your next trip to what I believe is the most wonderful place on earth- Hawaii.

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