How to Thrive on a Tropical Deserted Isl...



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Discover the secrets of survival! Find out how to: Start a fire by rubbing two sticks together, In a way that really works! Weave a coconut leaf hat to go beachcombing in. Build an outrigger canoe Discover and prepare delicious new foods to eat Make your own natural medicines, just in case. Distill your own arrack Learn tool less Polynesian Navigation Make your own stone tools What would happen if you lost your boat and ended up on a deserted island? Could you survive? Barely? Why not thrive? Why not build a paradise with your own two hands? You can do it. This book shows you how. Instead of a disaster, have the time of your life playing Swiss Family Robinson! Tired of being shown up at potlucks? Find out about many tropical plants and animals that can grace your table. Bring the tropics to your yacht club, home table, picnics. Instill in your mate the desire to sail to new horizons, explore new islands, to take a step to the other side of the unknown, to a paradise all your own. All you need is to know how. This is the book you need to lead the way.

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