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An immersive photographic tour of the legendary Hotel Chelsea, whose residents share their spaces, their stories, and a delirious collective history of this landmark.

Jackson Pollock, Robert Mapplethorpe, Patti Smith, Dylan Thomas, Arthur Miller, Bob Dylan, Arthur C. Clarke, Andy Warhol, William S. Burroughs, Janis Joplin, Eugene O’Neill, Rufus Wainwright, Betsey Johnson, R. Crumb, Thomas Wolfe, Jasper Johns—these are just a few of the figures who at one time occupied one of the most alluring and storied residences ever: the Chelsea Hotel. Born during the Gilded Age and once the tallest building in New York, the twelve-story landmark has long been a magnet for artists, writers, musicians, and cultural provocateurs of all stripes.

In this book, photographer Colin Miller and writer Ray Mock intimately portray the enduring bohemian spirit of the Chelsea Hotel through interviews with nearly two dozen current residents and richly detailed photographs of their unique spaces. As documented in Miller’s abundant photographs, these apartments project the quirky decorating sensibilities of urban aesthetes who largely work in film, theater, and the visual arts, resulting in deliriously ornamental spaces with a kitschy edge. Weathering the overall homogenization of New York and the rapid transformation of the hotel itself—amid recent ownership changeovers and tenant lawsuits—residents remain in about seventy apartments while the rest of the units are converted to rentals (and revert to a hotel-stay basis, which had ceased in 2011).

For the community of artists and intellectuals who remain, the uncertain status of the hotel is just another stage in a roller-coaster history. A fascinating portrait of a strand of resilient bohemian New Yorkers and their creative, deeply idiosyncratic homes,
Hotel Chelsea is a rich visual and narrative document of a cultural destination as complicated as it is mythical.

From the Publisher

Tony Notarberardino

hotel chelsea, tony notarberardino, interiors, photography

hotel chelsea, tony notarberardino, interiors, photography

The bedroom

Tony Notarberardino’s apartment is one of the most visually arresting in the Chelsea Hotel. It consists of two rooms joined by a colorfully painted cuvred hallway. Both rooms are filled with Notarberardino’s collection of wondrous objects, photographs, furniture and garments, yet each has its own visual identity owing to the elaborate murals left behind be a previous tenant, the enigmatic artist Vali Myers, in what is now Notarberardino’s bedroom.


hotel chelsea, man lai, interiors, photography

hotel chelsea, man lai, interiors, photography

The living room

In the living room, the fireplace and the wall opposite are painted a rusty red, giving the space a warm, earthy glow. Newly installed stained glass above the balcony doors evokes the hotel’s original transom windows.

Sheila Berger & Michael Rips

hotel chelsea, colin miller, interiors, photography, new york

hotel chelsea, colin miller, interiors, photography, new york

A tale of two apartments at the Hotel Chelsea

Berger and Rips have a penchant for reinventing their environment, keeping their home in a constant state of flux. When they were presented with the opportunity to design a renovated apartment from scratch (and escape the noise of the construction elevator situated right outside their daughter’s bedroom window), they jumped at it, though not without agonizing over the decision. Their story is thus of two homes in the Chelsea, one with a history and the other with a future.

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