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The truth is, you can’t do anything about your past and you don’t know what the future holds but don’t let your “PITIFUL” experiences determined your future. Start living your dreams by changing your “THINKING”. The author provides encouragement from her life of pit. This book will help readers to change their pitiful thinking so they can believe bigger, increase their productivity, improve their relationships and accomplish their dreams. As the author shares her own life of pit growing up and how she lacked self esteem and was worried about what people would think or say about her. Compound with depression, sadness and felt hopeless due to her circumstances. She was blinded for a moment of what was the reality until she found hope and purpose.

Perhaps you have a past you’re struggling to overcome. So often in our lives we dwell in our pit and believe it is our final destination. Yes things might look hopeless and uncertain but it is a part of life. Do not allow your doubt to keep you trapped for life and then you begin to live in regrets. Use you insecurities and hard times to push and challenge yourself. Nothing is wrong in coming from a pit as we all have our own pitiful experiences as it is a natural part of being a human.

Regardless of your pitiful circumstances, you, too, can live in paradise. Your yesterday does not have to dictate your tomorrow

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