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Delicious combination of natural fruits and raw honey harvested in Nicoya, Costa Rica, all of which are renowned for promoting a long and healthy life according to the Blue Zones studies published in the National Geographic, “The Science of Living Longer”. No matter the time or place, Blue Zones Honey Spread Marmalades are always a pleasant and gourmet experience. All ingredients used in the creation of Blue Zones Honey Spreads are part of a great and exhaustive selection, highly recommended for any gourmand and a great gift for a special friend. You will find out how easy it is to fall in love with our Blue Zones Honey Spread Marmalade selection. What is a Blue Zone? It is an area where people live and thrive longer than the rest of us. There are 5 Blue Zones that exist in the world and Nicoya in Costa Rica is one of these. For over a decade, international and Costa Rican researchers and scientists have studied the diets and lifestyles of these remarkable groups, making extraordinary discoveries on food, lifestyle and family traditions that have contributed to the longevity of those living in these areas. Blue Zone Nicoya brings the traditional foods and beverages inspired by this research to the U.S. market, that promote health and longevity.
ALL NATURAL: Dark and rich chocolate taste. Our Honey Spread marmalades are made with 100% natural ingredients, grown directly in Nicoya Blue Zone. No artificial flavors or colors, no added sugars.
BENEFITS: Blue Zones Honey Spreads are made with raw honey and fresh tropical fruits. Our jam-like spread is 100% natural and gluten free.
USES: Use as a substitute for marmalade, jam or honey. Apply to your bread, cheeses, yogurt or whatever your imagination and taste desire.
SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Blue Zones Nicoya support the centenarian community of Nicoya, Costa Rica by dedicating a percentage of all our sales directly to their families. Blue Zones Nicoya has decided to operate its production facilities in the area, which in turn provide direct and indirect jobs to the community. Blue Zones Nicoya also develops the Macaw Project, which helps reinsert Macaw populations to the Nicoya Peninsula.

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