A Miserable Paradise: Life in Southeast ...



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Hunters, anglers and outdoor recreationists have always put a premium on visceral experiences in Nature, but things are not always simple. Social media has created an opportunity for user groups to share experiences and provided entrepreneurs opportunities to create content or products to meet the needs of the market. This connectivity is largely beneficial but can also undermine our motives and hurt ethical practices.

This book was supposed to be a month-by-month look at life in Ketchikan, Alaska, through the eyes of a seasoned Alaskan contemplating things like resource management and the proliferation of content in the outdoor industry. But 2020 was not typical. Between the steelhead trips and the hunts for grouse and blacktail deer, there was always the dramatic impact of the pandemic not only on the author’s job as a high school teacher, but life in general.

This book is not just a look into a year in the life of a resident of Southeast Alaska. It is a time capsule, written without the benefit of hindsight, of a truly devastatingly remarkable year.

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