A Different Kind of Paradise: An Age-gap...



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“What happened between us was a mistake. A bad one. Now, you just keep your mouth shut and forget about it, okay?”

Two men: an inexperienced college boy and his best friend’s ruggedly handsome father. Deep in the New Zealand wilderness, the little wooden house by the sea becomes a hotbed of forbidden love. 

Rob has closed himself off for years now, concentrating on being a good father and a pillar of the community. But his son’s best friend Josh awakens long-repressed desires, desires he just can’t face up to. He’s not afraid of anything, except where his own heart is leading him, and losing the love and respect of his own son.

Young college-boy Josh likes everything about Rob. He’s strong, tough, capable − and utterly gorgeous. Not that Josh is gay, of course. So why does he keep fantasizing about his best friend’s father? And what will his friend say if he ever finds out?

Both the repressed alpha male and the innocent college boy are determined that nothing will happen. But they can’t deny the passion that flares when they touch, and a troubled romance slowly blossoms.

A high-heat age-gap MM romance, featuring a young man’s awakening, crossed swords in all their glory, steamy first-time gay experiences, and a guaranteed happy ending.

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